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A child only gets one childhood

Welcome to Summerset Farm school, a nature based play school for children aged 3-7 years old.

Set on 32 acres in the Noosa Hinterland our Farm school is home to free range chickens, miniature goats, cows, dogs and a beautiful vegetable garden and fruit trees.

Here at Summerset Hill we believe in children following their curiosity, learning through play, and engaging in meaningful life practises.

We follow a natural rhythm of outdoor & indoor play, allowing little nervous systems time for both rest and energy outlet. Our studio provides a calm and inviting space for little minds to learn, play and rest. Whilst outside our play space is always expanding and evolving. Our dedicated play area is made up of a cubby house, a sand pit, tree house, fairy gardens, water play and a mud play area. We are also lucky to have a beautiful Pine forrest which makes for great adventures and imaginative play.

Typical Daily Rhythms (Tuesday)

9am - Arrival & outdoor free play

9.30am - Circle Time

10.00am - Morning Tea

10.15am - Outdoor Activity

11.00-am - Indoor free play

12.00pm - Lunch Time

12.30pm - Story/ Rest Time

1pm - Older Children Outdoor Play

1.30pm - Outdoor Play

2pm- Afternoon Tea and outdoor play

3pm Home time

Typical Daily Rhythms (Thursday)

8.30am - Children arrive & outdoor free play

9.15am - Circle Time

9.45am - Morning Tea

10.00am Outdoor Activity

11.00-am - Indoor free play

11.30am - Home Time

Each day we will have a planned outdoor activity, however we will always take the children's lead - if they are engaged and busy in play we will follow that and expand on it with the group. Likewise, if there are exciting things happening at the children's home that they would like to share or learn about- we will share and learn together on this topic.

A few times per term, we will bring in a guest teacher to take our kids on different learning adventures. From music class, to building, horticulture or english - we will engage in age appropriate learning -sharing in our community expertise.

A community that learns together,

excels together.


Creating a strong sense of community is important for our children to thrive, that's why connecting with our families who attend is so important to us.

Once per term we will invite all families to come together to share and connect, allowing parents and other siblings a chance to meet. Not only does this help our children feel more connected to their friends, but it allows families to get a better insight into the friendships and adventures our little people take on a day to day basis.

From stronger communities, come happier people.

Summerset School housekeeping

Food - We believe in good nutrition being a solid part of a happy child, so please limit processed/packaged food.

Make sure your child has enough for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Although we will enjoy fresh fruit and vege's when available from the farm.

Clothes - We like to avoid clothes that are labelled/have pictures of cartoons ect on them, as this can have a negative impact on children's sense of belonging if one kids has something the other doesn't. Neutral, unprinted clothing is preferred. Always bring a spare change of clothes and a bag for any soiled clothes.

Wet Weather- We are lucky to have our studio space for rainy days, however we will always try to get outside still, please provide raincoats and gumboots on these days. If there is dangerous storms forecast, we may cancel the day.

Rest Time - Sleep matts will be provided, but please provide a blanket, sheets and a pillow (if needed) and cuddle friend for your child. For older children, we will enjoy relaxing music and stories.

Sun smart - Please always bring a hat, and clothing that covers shoulders. If your child uses sunscreen, please provide this.

Payment - Payment is due weekly, on the Monday prior to attendance.

Attendance - Please note your child's chosen day is booked for the term, any sickness or holidays will be at the expense of the family. If possible, we will provide a make up day.

About Us


After being a Nanny for many years, being a Mum has inspired me further to learn and expand on my knowledge of young children and their development needs. I initially started studying Primary teaching, however quickly decided that my beliefs on a child's needs did not align with a traditional school model.

I take a lot of inspiration from the Steiner education and believe in children aged 0-7 having a stress free, play led learning style. I love children of all ages, and am always inspired in their beautiful way of thinking and how they so authentically show up in life! When I am not working with kids, my other passion is events where I worked in weddings and other events also for many years!


Hi I’m Ashlee, but you can call me Ash. Im a boy mum to my little earth warrior Reggie. We love to spend our days outdoors in nature discovering all of the beautiful places around the coast, anywhere from the amazing waterfalls in the hinterland to the sunny beaches.

Since becoming a mum I have realised the importance of hands on learning. Letting them explore and discover the world through outdoor play & creative learning is such a nurturing and connective experience for our children.

I am thrilled to be apart of the Farm School at Summer Set Hill & I just know this is going to be an amazing offering for children to come together and learn.


The first term is going to be our trial term, to test what format works for families.

We will also be focusing on younger kids this term, and will be expanding to older kids down the track.

Tuesday Group - Ages 3- 5 years

10 Children maximum, 2 educators

9am - 3pm $80 per child

Thursday Group Ages 2 - 3 years

7 children maximum, 2 educators

8.30am - 11.30pm $55 per child

Additional hours available at request,

Term 1 will have a delayed start, and run casually (2 week minimm booking). With full commencment beginning term 2 April 18th

Please note this is an enquiry for enrolment, we will contact you once your form is received to confirm a place.